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"My skin is Brown, not Black, so why does everyone call me Black?" - a question that burned in Jae Skeese's mind from the young age of 7 years old, curious about the inaccurate label the world created for him to make it easier to identify who and what he is before taking the time to realize his individuality. 20 years later, in 2017, Jae took that burning question and decided to make a statement to the world, on his own denim jacket, to see what the response would be in light of racial injustices we were met with at the time and still are today for that matter. What he was met with everywhere he went was: people intrigued by the message, people intrigued by the rogue, graffiti style font/symbols used, as well as people intrigued by the choice of colors that were used on that first jacket. Since then, BNBLYC has created jackets, shirts, hats, sneakers, and other garments & apparel for people in many walks of life who have an appreciation for bold, creative, and overall different spirit of the brand. 
Live Your Creed - During the creative process of that first jacket, Jae thought back to a poem that a friend suggested he read for some good life advice and insight that was written by the great Harlem Renaissance Activist Langston Hughes. The lesson that was taken away from the poem was something that Jae believed in personally before reading the poem: you are judged by the impact of your actions, not so much by your words. This is placed on BNBLYC creations to remind the wearer and observers to always live by their actions and not their words, in order to make their true sentiments tangible and to also increase their credibility as human beings.

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